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Travel French Press

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On-The-Go French Press

Spring 2018

This french press was created for a 4 week redesign of the Bodum French Press. This design was intended to fulfill a few goals:

  • Personal portability

  • Easily cleanable

  • Able to brew on the go

  • Long life

  • Speak and modern design


Final Model





Personality and Discovery

It was important for me to outline my consumer and design language that would guide my product. The original french press is extremely dated and doesn’t follow modern coffee trends.


Current Model

After doing research on the Bodum French Press, a few areas for re-design became apparent. I used these to guide my design.

  • One large issue was that the user had to spend a long amount of time brewing coffee in this press and were not able to brew on the go. For my design I wanted to allow the user to make coffee in a crunch for time.

  • The Bodum is also very difficult to clean. it is difficult to take apart and because of this, mold tends to grow in it. My solution is a fully modular design.


Final model (3D print, laser cut acrylic)


Sketches and Process