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Modern Lawncare

The Perfect Lawn

Maintaining a perfect lawn is an unsustainable habit that is becoming a thing of the past.

In this product design project, I worked with Yoonyoung Kim to create a compact and desirable lawn care system. The system consisted of fertilizer spreading and storage

Fall 2018

Skills: Research, Persona Building, Sketching and Making, Modeling and Rendering

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Our research was gathered though interviews with family and friends around the world. We also compiled data from online sources and experts at The Home Depot.


After talking to our interviewees, we compiled a list of pain points that our consumers expressed. We categorized these into the three system parts: storage, spreading, and water.


Pain Points

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User Persona



Physical Models and Process

For this project it was important for us to create models full scale to really get a sense of proportion and size. Full scale models were made of foam core while a final “grey” model (¼ scale) was made using 3D printed and laser cut parts.

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Full scale

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¼ scale


STIHL Brand guide

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Design Concepts

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Fertilizer Spreader

My broadcast fertilizer spreader uses a pod method to save and conserve fertilizer usage. Using the 4 season fertilizer, each pod holds a different fertilizer for each time of year. The user docks the pod into the spreader and walks the lawn. What’s left in the spreader can be reused next year.


Order Online with Ease!

It was important that the fertilizer system had some way of reminding you that you need to restock. A major pain-point of our persona is going to get the bags. They are heavy and she often forgets she needs to buy them. The system would be connected to an app that sends alerts when the season of fertilization is coming around, and also makes it easy to order them to your home.

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Fertilizer Storage

(work by Yoonyoung Kim)

Our main storage hub houses each season’s pods as well as the spreader when not in use. The user places the fertilizer bags into the top and the hub separates it into each pod. The storage hub is placed into the user’s garage.