Images courtesy of SIDFACTOR

Images courtesy of SIDFACTOR

I was lucky enough to spend my summer working for SIDFACTOR. SIDFACTOR is a full-service creative firm based in Boulder, Colorado. They specialized in product strategy, design, development and sourcing. During my internship, I worked on projects ranging from softgoods to apparel to hardgoods with many different clients including Cabela’s,, and Yeti Cycles. 

Two projects below include a personal project (Dura-Pack) and a project I was on for a client (Cabela’s Hardlines)



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I was tasked to design a lightweight and durable waterproof backpack for outdoor sport use. This design follows a design story of both activity and material. Through the exploration of aesthetics, color and brand, The Dura-Pack


The Product

One's backpack is a strong and useful tool for the outdoor environment. The Dura-Pack combines strong waterproof materials, with a customizable design to create a strong accessory for the outdoors. Along with its incorporated accessory pack, Dura-Pack is ready for adventure. 


Design Language and Inspiration


Sketch and Process


Concept and Material Techpacks




Attachable Accessory Pack



Cabela's Hardlines Project



This Project was done as part of my internship with SIDFACTOR. Creating an outdoor hardline brand for Cabela's, routed in the culture of the western ranch. We worked closely with the Cabela's brand developing a a product brand to fill a much needed market.


Presentation (Hardlines Brand Identity)

The Cabela's Hardlines brand and design language originates from the lifestyle, environment, and activities of the “The West.” This theme is meant to be inspired by the land, as opposed to the water, and be a vehicle of a diverse range of Cabela‘s hardlines products. The products are not attached to any one pillar (Hunt, Fish, Camp, Shoot) but instead cross-over all 4 pillars.


With this style guide ready to go, we started to mock up some of the product. Starting with 5 products:

  • Tumbler

  • Coffee Mug

  • Hard Cooler

  • Soft Cooler and Soft Tub

Both the "Classic" and "Work" models had to be very different to speak to a different culture of people. Using cues from the market standards including Stanley, Coleman, and Filson, we created comprehensible designs. 


Product Tech Packs




Responding to the market popularity of the tumbler, this product was aiming to fill that gap for Cabela's with classic and work styles. A hammered finish for the classic model brought the idea of the western ranch to this drink wear. Rubber was used along with different metals to make this tumbler as useful as possible.


Hard Cooler:

This product played off of the classic metal cooler. This is the most utilitarian cooler you can buy. basic and durable with options in style. 


Soft Cooler

This waterproof 18 can cooler plays off of coolers on the market but guided towards the Cabela's consumer. This cooler is useful from play to work.


Soft Tub

This product was an experimental one. Not already on the market, this product is similar to hard buckets being sold by companies like Yeti. This model is highly packable and collapsible. Compatible with a Keg and a lot of ice, this product is perfect for any occasion.