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Samsung On-The-Go Lunch

Meals for Millennials

Redesigning the On-The-Go Meal Experience

Fall, 2018


This Project focused on re-designing the “on-the-go” meal experience for millennials. Using methods of research we're applied to the design process to recreate an experience that addressed problems that current millennial have with the packing of their meals.


How it works


Product Deck and Persona

This solution to the on-the-go lunch experience allows you to be organized with the food you pack and gives you the freedom to access snacks whenever, wherever.


Part 1: Research

To get an understanding about who exactly I was designing for, I started by researching and conducting interviews with people around campus who were involved in bringing their lunch to school. In my interviews, I found one person in particular who was so devoted to bringing their lunch to school even though they were so vocal about the problems that were involved.

For millennials, bringing lunch to school is inconvenient. It takes time, patience and planning. Something that most millennials do not want to spare. It is easy to buy food when you need it, especially on a college campus. Therefor, my goal is to make this experience one the justifies packing a lunch.


Part 2: Style Guide

The second part of this product is its styling and design language. This lunch experience is inspired by the brand language of SAMSUNG. To find a better understanding of the brand itself, I created a style guide to follow in my design.


Sketches and Models