Concrete Radio

Concrete Radio

The Concrete Radio is an experiment in fascinating interaction methods. This pushes what dials and buttons can be.

The Radio is turned on by placing your hand under the gap in the concrete. When inserted, a metal ball drop into your hand and the radio turns to static. When you place the ball on any of the three left indents, a different radio station is picked. By sliding the ball around the circular indent, the volume goes up and down. Speaker holes allow sound to leave the concrete and wood.


Spring 2019 - 4 weeks

Skills: 3D Prototyping, Woodworking, Concrete casting, Arduino programing



Fabrication and Process:

1. Physical Computing

  • Arduino Uno

  • FM Radio Tuner

  • Accelerometer

  • Reed Switches

  • Servo Motor

2. Wenge Wood Radio Top

  • Solidworks top then CNC'd

3. Concrete Radio Body

  • Solidworks Mold 3D Printed

  • Concrete Pour