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Kindergarten Fire Alarm

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Kindergarten Fire Alarm

Spring 2018

This project explored the design of a fire alarm for a Kindergarten. I had 3 main criteria for this project: difficult for kindergarteners to use, non-distracting when in a passive state, and, when in an active emergency state, guides the students to an exit.


Final model


This final model was created out of many materials including 3D printed SLA, Laser cut acrylic. Painted white to blend into and not be noticed in a kindergarten environment. Inside of the "flip door" is the internal circuit including a battery, LED and tilt switch. The light only turns on when the door is flipped up.


The final alarm that I created for a kindergarten was one that had a safety in case a student tried to set off the alarm on accident.One large consideration was the effect a conventional alarm would have on the students. This might cause chaos and would make it hard for the teacher to get the kids under control. Once a teacher pulls down and flips up on the alarm, a flashing arrow is illuminated guiding the students to the exit location. 


Guiding Storyboard

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Sketch Models

Testing and quick model making was a large part of discovery for this project. As the project got closer to a final model (far right), models took more time and thought, using more progressive materials.


Sketch Process

Besides quick models, sketching was a large part of form discovery. Outlined below are tech drawings and specs for the final alarm, as well as quick sketches that helped lead me to the final product.


Solidworks Model

Modeling in Solidworks helped me to see the actual internal capabilities of the alarm