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Exploring Form


Flowform Salad Tongs

My objective for this project was to explore and create a pair of salad tongs that has a form that speaks to the way you are supposed to use them.


Geoform Book Bench

This Project explored static and dynamic interactions of flat planes with right angles. The product has simple functionality while maintaining a balanced and intriguing structure.


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Water Vessel

This project explored the different ways that people interact with water containers. This vessel was created to give the activity of pouring water, an interesting yet obvious interactivity.


Hand-held Mechanism

Around us are complex mechanisms that we interact with daily. This project was to take a very simple movement and create a form that shows and enables this movement. 


Box Light

My objective with this project was to use simple electronics to emit a gentle light. This light tells the user what to do and how to use it without any preconceptions.